You should have the following information on your slides:
  • Slide 1: Title, student(s) name, class, period, date, one picture
  • Slide 2: Introduction: Purpose statement (what you plan to teach the audience)
  • Slides 3-7: Research: What you learned about the topic. Chemistry: Chemical data related to your research (chemical formulas, molar mass, percent composition, chemical reactivity, chemical and physical properties, why the chemistry of this topic is important to society.
  • Slides 8-9: Summary: What your audience should walk away knowing from your presentation.
  • Slides 9-10: Work Cited: You must include 6 different credible sources (one can be a printed text).

RESEARCH PRESENTATION (*Required for groups)

  • Each group will make a 4-6 minute PowerPoint/poster presentation that summarizes their research.
  • The  presentation must contain a minimum of seven and a maximum of twelve slides.
  • First slide must contain the title of the research project, name, period, and date.
  • PowerPoint file must be supplied on a USB flash drive, SD card, or emailed prior to presenting.
  • Presentation must contain text and graphics/pictures. No video clips.
  • Animation, appropriate sounds effects or music are acceptable, but not required.
  • You will be graded on the following:
     Delivery: Eye contact, organized, engaging, volume/voice inflection, meets time requirement
     Visual Material: Relevant information and pictures, quality/legible, 7 slide minimum
     Content: Thought provoking, explains relevant chemical data, evidence of knowledge gained

Presentation Rubric

    Fill in your name, then click the button below to upload your PowerPoint (to upload Google Slides, open your presentation, click "File" and select "Download as" from the drop down menu. Select from one of these file types: PowerPoint or PDF, then click OK to download the presentation to your computer. Click the upload button on this page and search to find your file.) **Only Prezi's can be shared, all other presentation files must be uploaded**
    Max file size: 20MB